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510 SW 3rd Street, Suite B

Ankeny, Iowa, 50023


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Road Map for
Atlas Games

Level 1: Grand Opening

During this level we will be collecting funds so that we can expand our facility. We will be able to host some smaller events such as Flesh and Blood Armory events and Magic the Gathering events. We will also continue to add to our growing collection of board games and card games. If there is a specific game or accessory that you are looking for, feel free to let us know and we will do our best to get it in stock.

Level 2:
Events and Tournaments


By Level 2 we will have taken down the walls within our shop and have an official play space. We will be host bigger events and start hosting tournaments as well. For example we will be hosting Catan, Star wars Armada, Magic the Gathering, and Flesh and Blood . At this point Atlas Games will become store for families and friends to come and play there favorite board games or cards games.

Level 3:

Gaming Lounge

Sometime in 2023 we want Atlas Games to have a Gaming Lounge. With Gaming Computers, Xbox's, Playstations, Nintendo  Switch's, and other Consoles. People will be able to play their favorite video games and hangout with friends. Tournament and events will also be held as well so players can rise the ranks on the leader boards and earn praises.  

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